Sunday, 24 August 2014

Er’ we go.- the Horde

Leading the Horde are the mounted units of Savage Orcs, Goblin Riders and Raiders plus some chariots. The figures are all Games Workshop lead painted 15 years ago and have been re-based a number of times finally ending up on a DBX system. 

These are formerly foot figures wrestled on to the back of Necromunda rats. The latter are in three poses which give enough variation for the mounted to appear rough n’ ready.

Photo one – Goblin Raiders 16LH

Photo two – Goblin Chieftain, Mo’hacs with Face Splitter

Photo three- Goblin Riders, 8Cv

Photo four – Savage Orcs, 6Kn including two Warbosses.

Photo five – Mounted units in array

Photo six - Chariot Corps, 12LCh including Warboss carrying Flaming Tongue.

The walkin' stuff next,

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