Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The last command

No, not the movie of the same title, but the last "command" that will make up the big battle Austrians. This will be the sixth Medieval German army and hereafter will follow a series of non-German collections.

I decided for two elements of pike and one crossbow to have black as a theme colour. A medieval version of the Black Legion or Black Band of a later period. Black is a difficult colour to work with and I have had more success mixing brown, flesh or mid-grey for painting horses or clothing. Only the helmets and leather coverings offer some contrast.

The Coustilliers (middle plinth) are complete as are the pike. Eight crossbow need breeches and tunics painted. These will have yellow and green combinations.

The knights in the background lack detailing and horse armour. I do plan to paint the horse armour with some multi-colour designs, however, the fluted armour is very difficult to work with. When all the above are painted, I will have only the general to do.

These will certainly be completed by the weekend.

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