Thursday, 3 May 2012

Re-building generic BUA

With all the Seven Year activity taking place between painting DBA armies, I thought it about time to address reworking my terrain pieces, in particular the Built-up areas or BUA. About five years ago w collected armies based on a 1:20 historical scale, which meant buildings were accordingly large (15mm Hovels). Changing to the DBA-HX system, I no longer needed the current scale of terrain pieces as they were not quite right.  

Photo one shows the material used and for the buildings I needed, I did not require much material. Cutting strips with a modeling knife, I took each strip and cut “cubes” that would later take shape as building. With the right tools, this step is easily done.  

Photo two, just in case mistakes were made, I cut out double the amount needed. The command element with flag gives you a sense of scale.  

Photo three, as these structures would be timber trimmed; I used a marker to line their approximate position. Up to this moment, no measurements were made, so each house is in fact slightly unique. I spent much time thinking about how the posts should best be done; using card stock cut in strips was an option. Balsa wood was another.  

I spent quite some time and opted for the quick and dirty. With a modeling knife, I scored the inside of each post and with a hard pencil flattened the interior section so the posts now stood out. This should, with the right painting; shading and dry-brush look fine. We shall see! 


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