Wednesday, 16 May 2012

DBA BUA - first series completed

This took a while, but the BUA modular system is done. I name this a modular system, as I can group the bases together in combinations to vary the BUA size. The advantage over loose houses is appearent and the structure is based together with trees, hedges and grass. Having a uniform base size, the units can be grouped together with a roadway running between a number of building or grouped to create a cul-de-sac.

Photo one, all the units are displayed. Aside from the orchard, one could add small gardens or an open area for meetings. Grouped together, there is enought room for a defending element.

Photo two, the modules are grouped to make two BUA, one BW 3 x 3 and the other BW 4 x 5.
The trees come from the large Woodland Scenics Tree pack and my next terrain project will refurbish the woods I currently use (bottle trees) to something similar to those displayed here. 

Between painting commissions, I will expand the architectual types to include log cabins homesteads for Colonial America, more European shingle roof buildings and Mediterranean tiled roof structures.
With the experience of building this lot, the next group will take a few days rather than weeks.


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