Tuesday, 8 November 2011

18th c. Jacobites

Until a month ago, I would not have touched a Jacobite army with its diverse tartans, lack of firearms and artillery. While painting the Carolingian Franks with their diverse shield patters I thought I would give the Scots a try, after all it is not that I have a shortage of WSS armies, but the Scots would make interesting opponents for the British.

Figures are Old Glory 15s and were certainly not new sculpts, but the castings were good. Cleaning and undercoating the figures did not take long and left these overnight to dry. The quandary that confronted me, would basing the collection on historical units be better or would just an abstract collection be a better route? TMP (the miniatures page) supplied the answer as last Saturday, a member queried about the uniformity of Jacobite tartans. Eureka! I had my answer.

Started painting these on Monday and they are now ready for varnishing.

Next step, bases, groundwork, flocking and a few flags and they should be ready to use this weekend.



  1. Painted up well nice figures too plenty of movement!

  2. Willie,

    Thanks for you kind comments. I should be able to base and flock them this weekend.