Thursday, 25 August 2011

Civilians or Militia

There had been a query at TMP recently concerning civilians and militia for the 18th century. Spanish Guerillas from Battle Honors (true 15mm) work rather well. These have a variety of headgear, but are clothed in breeches and vests that make them clearly Spanish. Blue Moon offer a nice selection of American setlers in a variety of poses. These will mix well with Old Glory (closer to 17/18mm) that would Battle Honors.

My civilians, I selected from OG15 Austrian Napoleonic listing, the Tyrolean Guerillas. The figures have a variety of weapons, farm implements and firearms. The best looking with firearms I made gamekeepers and added Mastiffs from Museum Miniatures. Not a group you would want to meet in a woods. The remainder at based as a mob or rural militia. The only thing missing is Herr Baron in an out of date uniform. These clearly fit in with the European style of clothing.

The Spanish Guerillas found employment in South America, or the Audencia de Caracas. With these, I added Llaneros and from the Church, those who ask questions.

His Holiness (conversion)

Militant Monks (Essex)

Militia (Battle Honors)


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  1. A great collection, specially for 15mm where the choice is quite restricted.
    I guess some Pirates could be added to the mix?

    Difference of size and bulk between ranges is not an embarrassment with 'irregulars', quite the opposite. A crowd of real people don't look like a regular unit ready to wage some 'Clones War'.