Thursday, 26 May 2011

Battlefield one - Carnuntum scenario

Battlefield one.

There is a point within marching distance (6 km.) from Carnuntum where the Danube and the Rohrauer Forest narrow. This would offer the Roman player an advantage to offset the numerical superior barbarians. This would be considered a bold move by the governor but would take him and his legion away from the security of the city walls.

Balomar would be aware of the terrain limitations from his previous visit to broker a peace settlement between the Langobardi-Obii and Rome. Anticipating this, the German player has two deployment zones, one for the main body and a smaller one, south of the Rohrauer forest, for a flanking force.

Test game.
Rome deployed in two wings with the Governor in command of the right and the reserve formation. The legion commander on the left commanded  a mixed force of foot and the artillery.   

Placing the Quadi on the left nearest the Danube, Balomar assembled all the Marcomanni warband in a deep formation. The cavalry can be seen forming up on the southern edge of the Rohrauer forest.

Turn two, the Governor moved quickly against the Quadi and brought forward half the reserve in support of his effort. The remaining reserve moved to support the left wing as the Marcomanni cavalry were moving up on the open flank.

Turn three and four brought misfortune to the Quadi as they reeled from the rapid and fierce attack by the legion. Sustaining minor loss to themselves, the Roman demoralized the Quadi in quick order. In centre archers can be seen wreaking havoc on the warbands.  

Despite the loss of the Quadi, Balomar timed the assault of his warbands and cavalry to strike the Roman left wing simultaneously. In two bounds this wing would break.

We stopped the test here to assess if any changes were needed. At this moment, Rome would lose the game if both commands were demoralized. The left wing succumbed with the loss of 3 elements and the Governor was 2 elements away from the same fate. 

A Roman victory could be realized if two commands were broken. The Quadi were destroyed losing 10 elements, the Marcomanni main body had no losses at this point and the Marcomanni cavalry wing had lost 1 element.

Was the game within grasp for Rome? I believe so. However, the same held true for Balomar as 2 Roman elements were needed to bring the second command to breaking point. 


  1. Great work, love the flags!!

  2. Hello Ray,

    Thanks. I enjoyed painting them.